Claremont MakerSpace Update – Limited Operations v2.0

Dear Makers

We are pleased to be writing to inform you that effective Monday May 18th, we will be entering limited operations v2.0 status.  Here is a summary of what has changed. You can find the complete policy and procedures regarding access to the Claremont MakerSpace during this period on our website.

Partial Access to MakerSpace being implemented.

As makers that engage in the act of manufacturing (making things), the Claremont MakerSpace will be implementing, on a trial basis, the rules applicable to the manufacturing sector of the economy described in Exhibit C of Governor Sununu’s Executive Order #40 (“Stay at Home 2.0”).

Makers will be able to self-certify their status as part of the essential manufacturing sector by navigating to the members only section of the Claremont MakerSpace website to review, and accept the terms and conditions for access to the Claremont MakerSpace during this period, and self certify.

Pursuant to the rules attached to this email, our first step will be to provide a 25 hour per week period for access to the Claremont MakerSpace, from 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday.  Based upon what we learn from this updated status and our interaction with local and state authorities, we will modify these hours in the coming weeks.  Our hope is that we will be able to expand these hours.

Please read the enclosed rules for access to the MakerSpace, as they are for everybody’s safety including your own.

Financial Hardship Scholarship is being launched

We are very happy to report that we have funding that will be made available to subsidize members who have experienced severe financial hardship – including involuntary loss of employment or income as a result of COVID-19.  We will be providing more information on this in the near future.

Remote Education being launched at no charge

We miss having you all at classes at the MakerSpace, but we do not anticipate being able to run them until we can safely assemble again in groups.  In the meantime, we have been working with our instructors to launch remote education, and look forward to providing maker opportunities at a safe distance.  With the help of our donor community, these remote classes will be free for the next couple of months.

Although these are socially distant and extra cautious measures, we look forward to slowly welcoming you back to making and manufacturing at the Claremont MakerSpace. Thank you for being part of our community.

If you have any questions or problems accessing the Members Only Section to self certify or schedule time in a shop or on a tool, please contact us at