CMS Member Access Update


Thank you for your cooperation in following the rules and procedures which we developed in conjunction with the City of Claremont and the State of New Hampshire.  Your adherence to these procedures during this difficult period has enabled us to provide uninterrupted access for members engaged in essential work,  and allow access to members engaged in qualified activities nearly a month earlier than other regional spaces were able to.

We are thrilled to see so many of you at the Claremont MakerSpace working on projects, supporting your business and creating.

Moving forward we are pleased to announce that beginning on Monday June 22, we will no longer need to require members to self-certify that they are engaged in essential business as defined by the State of New Hampshire.  Additionally,  the 10 person cap on building occupancy will be eliminated, we will no longer need to impose a one person per shop policy, and advance reservations for personal studio spaces and shops will no longer be required.

We do still recommend that you reserve time on high demand / long run tools to ensure you can get your work done.  You can make tool reservations at least six hours in advance on the member portal on our website at

For your safety and that of the community, we will continue to have strict operating policies and procedures in place for the foreseeable future. You must agree to follow these rules before you can access the Claremont MakerSpace and your access card will not operate until you do so.  The updated Claremont MakerSpace Member Access Rules can be found on the CMS Member Portal at

Masks covering your mouth and nose must continue to be worn at all times, 6 foot separation between members must be maintained at all times, and temperature and health checks will continue to be performed before you can enter the Claremont MakerSpace.

We hope to be announcing expanded operational hours next week that will provide additional opportunities for Members to access the Claremont MakerSpace.

Thanks, stay healthy and keep makin’