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Show & Tale: Family Edition!



Let’s face it, most of our homes are full of personal belongings including photos, documents, and memorabilia. But have you ever stopped to think whether you or your family members know the stories behind these things? Do you know why your child has that clay model on his/her/their window sill? Or that poster on the back of her/their/his bedroom door? Do you know why your parent keeps that ragged old apron hanging in the pantry? Those eye glasses on a kitchen self? What about the objects of seemingly more importance on the mantel or in a display case? Join us for this intergenerational story-sharing gathering to learn more about one another via the things you/your family keeps.

Show & Tale: Family Edition will run April 22, 29, May 6, May 13th at 6 PM. Register for the first of these free Zoom sessions here.

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