Construction: Underway!

Construction is fully underway at the Sawtooth! It’s absolutely awesome to see this space come to life (after being out of service for so many years). Soon we’re going to pour the new floor, and at that time, the Pre-Opening Membership will be lowered from 20% to 15%. So if you want to use the MakerSpace and save the most $$ then sign up now! Learn about membership options and sign-up: HERE

Here’s what’s happened over the past few weeks:

Concrete coring: Over the course of a day, a dozen holes were cut through the concrete wall footings. These freshly cut holes will allow us to run plumbing and electrical conduit to specific parts of the building. Note: coring rigs are very cool.


Plumbing: The pipes for the restrooms, cafe and wet studio were fully installed!


Electrical conduit: The electrical conduit (tubes that route and protect electrical wiring) were laid throughout the building. It’s pretty cool to think that these tubes will soon run power to a slew of fabrication equipment – the CNC router, 3D printer, laser cutter, glass kiln, long arm quilting machine and so much more.


Grading: The gravel floor was leveled to ensure an even foundation for the radiant heating and soon-to-be-poured floor.

Above: The humble beginnings of a computer lab!

What’s next? We’ll be pouring the footings for the mezzanine and other second-floor areas in the coming weeks, and aim to have the radiant heating installed and the new floor poured. Woohoo! 

Make sure to check out our upcoming events: glass working, dissecting computers, building Ethernet cables, and a CMS promo video shoot!

Learn more about these events, here: HERE

Have a great week! Make something awesome.