CMS Membership

 Access to tools that inspire. Access to space to create.

Join the creative community at the Claremont MakerSpace.

Access to the Claremont MakerSpace is gained via Membership – like a gym membership. Claremont MakerSpace Memberships offer:

  • Access to shared tools and workshops for woodworking, machining, fiber arts, electronics, welding, robotics, jewelry and metalsmithing, graphic design, fabrication, prototyping, programming and more.
  • Discounts on equipment training/certification and classes, ranging from specialty fabrication techniques to business development, offered at the MakerSpace.
  • Discounts on special events, focusing on the arts, entrepreneurship and innovative technologies, hosted at the MakerSpace.
  • Options for personal studio space and project and materials storage space.

To sign up for membership to the CMS, simply fill out the form below.

Before signing up for a Claremont MakerSpace Membership, please read the Claremont MakerSpace Membership Agreement & Policies

CMS Veterans Scholarship Program

Are you a Veteran or active service member looking to get a CMS Membership? The Claremont MakerSpace has teamed up with the Red River Charitable Foundation to offer scholarships to qualifying Veterans and active service members. To learn more and apply, please visit the Red River Charitable Foundation website, HERE.

CMS Corporate Usage Account

What to hook your employees up with CMS Memberships? The Claremont MakerSpace Corporate Usage Account (CUA) program is a great way to offer a unique benefit to your employees while investing in the development of their creative and professional skills. It’s a simple and flexible program that let’s employees of CUA businesses get a substantial discount on CMS Membership and classes. To learn more, please email

Membership Types & Access:

  • Nights & Weekend Membership – $60 per month.
    • Monday – Friday, 5pm – 9pm; Weekends, 8am – 9pm
  • Weekend Membership – $46 per month.
    • Saturdays & Sundays, 8am – 9pm
  • Weekday Membership – $69 per month.
    • Monday – Friday, 8am – 9pm
  • Unlimited Membership – $112 per month.
    • Monday – Friday, 8am – 9pm; Weekends, 8am – 9pm