Personal Studio Space

Need some extra space for your next project/business/creative experiment?

While all departments of the CMS offer shared workspace, CMS Personal Studio Spaces provide personal work areas for dedicated users to call their own. Personal studio spaces are made up of 48″ dividers and come in sizes of 60 sq/ft and 100 sq/ft , with each studio including 2 power outlets and an Ethernet jack. Studio Members may fit up their studios however they wish (as long as it’s all code compliant and respectful of others), and may share their personal studio spaces with other CMS members.

Personal studio space is provided on a monthly basis for $2/sq ft/month.

  • 6′ x 10′ Studio (60 sq/ft): $120/Month
  • 10′ x 10′ Studio (100 sq/ft): $200/Month

The cost of personal studio space is in addition to monthly membership.

In order to have a personal studio, you must be a current member of the Claremont MakerSpace. If you’ve signed up for Membership – HERE – and would like to get on the list for personal studio space, please fill out this form.

Note: Completing this form will get your name on the personal studio space notification list. This form is not an official studio space agreement, nor will it guarantee you a personal studio space.