About the Claremont MakerSpace

Encouraging creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the Greater Upper Valley Region.

The Claremont MakerSpace is a community-oriented creative hub, designed to help our members put shape to their ideas. We offer affordable, membership-based access to specialty and hi-tech tools, education, room to work, and a community of like-minded creative people. Building on Claremont’s history of making, we’ve put one of Claremont’s historic mill buildings – The Sawtooth – back into service as a home base for the next generation of innovators. 

 The Claremont MakerSpace Offers:

  • Shared tools and workshops for woodworking, digital fabrication, precision machining, fiber arts, electronics, welding, robotics, jewelry and metalsmithing, graphic design, programming and more.
  • A range of affordable classes offered by local educators, artisans, and industry professionals focusing on equipment training, creative techniques, and business development.
  • Monthly memberships that include access to the MakerSpace on weekends and after typical working hours. We are open every day from 8AM-9PM!
  • Personal Studio Space for monthly members interested in having access to design and fabrication equipment and start-up space.
  • Special events focused on the arts, manufacturing, innovative technologies, entrepreneurship and community-building.
  • Business Advising from consultants at the NH Small Business Development Center.

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The Claremont MakerSpace is operated by TwinState MakerSpaces, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established in 2014. TSMS was founded by technologists, artists, educators, tradesmen and lovers of New England with the goal of enriching our communities through collaboration and creativity.

The Claremont MakerSpace is helping to anchor the economic and cultural revitalization of Claremont, New Hampshire. We are inspired by the Maker Movement that has taken hold nationwide as a vehicle for enhancing entrepreneurship, job development, community development, science and the arts.

Tours: Want to see what the Claremont MakerSpace is all about and learn how you can become part of this vibrant creative community? Schedule your CMS tour now and let us show you the awesome tools that the CMS offers access to, as well as how membership, classes, and studio spaces work. Tours are by appointment only.  

JOIN US! CMS Membership – The Claremont MakerSpace

The Claremont MakerSpace

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 8AM-9PM

46 Main Street
Claremont, NH 03743
[email protected]

TwinState MakerSpaces, the parent company of The Claremont MakerSpace, is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Financial contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Please consider supporting the Claremont MakerSpace and make a donation today.