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Online Classes at CMS!


We wish you continued well being during this time. We are moving towards offering online educational experiences at CMS, including Beginner Zentangle, next Wednesday, May 20th at 2 PM. Registration information can be found here

“Zentangle® is a simple-to-learn method to create beautiful art by drawing simple patterns. The process is a mindful and meditative art form that some use to enhance creativity, increase focus, or just to relax. In this class, participants will learn philosophy, method, and approach to creating Zentangle art. Students will put pen to paper and learn to tangle beautiful patterns on small square paper tiles. All materials will be provided by the instructor in class. If you can draw a line and very basic shapes, you can create beautiful work! No artistic experience is required, but artists looking to incorporate something new into their practice are welcome.”

This class is free, but space is limited. Please register soon, if you plan on attending.

We are looking to bring more online learning opportunities to the Claremont Makerspace community. Would you like to share your skill or lead a project? Please email to learn how.

What have you been working on? 

Have a cool project that you’ve been working on at home? Please share it with us! Our community is excited to learn about how people are keeping busy and creative during this downtime. Please share pictures and stories with us, by emailing and join us on our online community board.

The below picture comes from a headboard made by CMS wood shop lead Dave Lucier.

Another Way You Can Help

Attention Makers:

Our friends at Cole-Tac have recently switched their operations to making gowns and face masks to help with the PPE shortage due to COVID-19.  Although they have an abundance of supplies and the ability to cut designs, their bottleneck is sewing the face masks. They currently have identified a need of over 5000 masks.If you own a sewing machine you can help! Cole-tac is bundling material in lots to produce 25 masks. The material is cut and only needs the final assembly.

They have also streamlined the sewing so it only takes around 5 minutes to produce a mask. Check out their step by step video here.

If you’d like to help out please email Dustin at to coordinate picking up materials at their Newport facility. 

Thanks, Be well & Keep on Makin

Update from the Claremont MakerSpace

Hello Maker Community,

We hope this email finds you well and that you are finding ways to keep being creative.

As of March 28th, 2020 TwinState MakerSpaces has moved to limited operations at the Claremont MakerSpace.  During this time access to the premises will be restricted to staff and certain individuals engaged in essential activities as that term is defined by the State of New Hampshire.

This is a temporary action that we feel is necessary to play our part as good citizens in limiting the spread of this dangerous illness.

We look forward to coming out on the other side of this national emergency as a stronger, more connected and more resilient community.  Please join and be active on our Community Forums at so that we can continue inspiring and supporting each other during this difficult period. We want to hear from you, we want to see what you are making and we want you to be part of the Maker Community in exile.

We have been constantly amazed by the dedication of our supporters, donors, volunteers, and everyone’s passion, talent and creativity and we look forward to the time when we can all gather together again at the Claremont MakerSpace and celebrate this amazing community.   Until then, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at, or on facebook or our forums with any questions, or just to say hi and let us know what you are working on.

TwinState MakerSpaces, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and during this difficult time we need your support. If you are able, please consider making a donation to support our important mission and enable us to continue supporting work on essential projects. Your support will also help us emerge from this crisis with the resources necessary to continue to grow the Claremont MakerSpace.

 Please, if you can, make a donation on our website.

Be safe, stay healthy and keep makin’,

The Claremont MakerSpace Team

Be Part of the Solution

Hello Maker Community,

We hope this email finds you well and coping with home schooling, social distancing and an early spring bout of snow.

We want to share with you some more information on how you can be part of the community of innovative people trying to help put their talents, skills and resources to use as part of the solution.

  • You can put your spare computer resources to use to help researchers find treatments that can have an impact on how COVID-19 impacts people.  For many years a dedicated team of researchers have been running a massive distributed computing project to simulate protein folding to find cures and therapies for a diseases such as Alzheimers and Cancer .  They have recently prioritized their efforts on finding solutions to COVID-19. The point is to generate the data necessary to discover treatments that can have an impact on how this virus affects humanity. The Folding@home software allows you to share your unused computer power with them, so they can research cures and treatments for COVID-19. While you are working from home, why not put your office computer or unused server or part of your home computer to work.

    The Claremont MakerSpace has dedicated all of our spare computer resources to this task, and we encourage you to do so too.  If you want to join our team, we’re team #247608

    You can find information about the project in the following locations:
    The Folding@home website

    Hackaday has two detailed articles explaining the project and how to download, install and configure on your computer. Remember, if you want to join the Claremont MakerSpace Folding@home team, we’re team #247608.

     Hackaday March 18, 2020 and a followup article from March 22, 2020

  • Join the new Claremont MakerSpace Community Forums. We’re hoping that this can be a resource for local makers to coordinate efforts, share ideas, inspiration and projects for groups and organizations that need help. You can create an account on the new CMS Community Forums using your google account, or Facebook.  

    Claremont MakerSpace Members should select “with LDAP” when you create an account, and then use your the same username and password that you use for Claremont MakerSpace network computing account (your username will be If you need to reset your CMS network computing password, you can do so at

  • Follow us on Facebook.  We’ve been posting information on projects and ideas that other MakerSpaces are working on and information on projects you can undertake right now and make a difference. We’re also posting regular updates on designs and requests from the medical community on what they need, and how they would prefer they are designed and delivered.

  • Plan C From Maker Space From Make: – Learn how a grassroots uprising of makers, engineers and others are creating a backup plan for the backup plan for COVID-19. This is about the people and projects of Plan C from Maker Space.
  • Mighty Small is a NH initiative to connect people with downtown businesses that are offering unique and inventive ways to access goods and services.  The site includes a Resource and Adaptation Guide strategies to help businesses navigate the current crisis.

 Be safe, be healthy and keep makin’,

The Claremont MakerSpace Team

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