Tools & Departments

Everyone has a vision of the things that they would like to make, but unfortunately, not everyone has access to the necessary tools to put shape to those ideas. This is where the Claremont MakerSpace comes in. We offer membership-based access to traditional and high-tech tools for a range of technical, artisanal and industrial fields as well as for the hobbyist. We also offer classes, access to mentors and ongoing skill development in order to help you learn how to turn your ideas into reality.

See the Tool List below to get an idea of what you’ll be able to access with a Claremont MakerSpace membership. Note: this is a working list, and is subject to change as our tool-set evolves. 

Tool Wish List: Interested in helping us get some awesome new gear in the CMS? Check out our Tool Wish ListHERE – to see which items would be most helpful at this time!

Shop Leads: Each of the departments listed below is managed by a CMS Shop Lead. Have a question about a tool or one of the CMS shops? Are you interest in donating equipment? If so, please contact the respective Shop Lead.

Woodshop -

Metal Shop -

Jewelry Shop -

Fiber Arts -

Electronics -

Computer Lab -

Wood Shop

ShopBot CNC Router - 48"x96"

SawStop Table Saw

Jet 18" Band Saw

Delta Drill Press

Powermatic 8" Jointer

Grizzly 20" Planer

Rigid Sliding Miter Saw

Belt Sander

Spindle Sander

Lathes – Rikon, Record, Delta

Power Tools

Hand Tools

Metal Shop

MicroKinetics CNC Vertical Milling Machine

Hypertherm Powermax85 Plasma Cutter

SwiftCut CNC Plasma Table - 4'x4'

Horizontal Band Saw

Chop Saw

48" Pan & Box Brake

48" Jump  Shear

Pedestal Grinder

Welding equipment - Miller 210, Lincoln 125, Lincoln DC400

Sand Blaster

Power Tools

Hand Tools

Fiber Arts

Brother Dream Quilter 15 - Medium Arm Quilting Machine

Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Elna Sergers

Layout, Cutting, Ironing equipment


Jewelry Studio

Jewelers Benches

Flex Shaft Tool

Buffer / Polisher

Drill Press

Soldering Torch

Ultrasonic Cleaner


Rolling Mill


Forming, Layout, Hand Tools

Electronics Lab

GCC Spirit GLS Laser Cutter/Engraver

3D Printers – Lulzbot

Soldering Stations


Multimeters and other test equipment


Basic Parts and Components

Computer Lab

Mac & PC Workstations

Projection Equipment

Canon Large Format Printer

Standard Printer & Scanner

Software for:

  • CAD
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo & Video Editing
  • Audio Production

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