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The game is never over at the Doghouse Arcade

Eagle Times –  Updated


CLAREMONT — The Golden Age of video arcades may be over, but at Doghouse Arcades, a fledgling business in Claremont, pinball and home arcade enthusiasts James St. Martin and Bryan Phaneuf are helping to resurrect the experience of “coin-up” games in the convenience of one’s own home.  …

… St. Martin and Phaneuf were recently announced as the Artists in Residence for March and April at the Claremont MakerSpace, located at 46 Main St., which will allow them to showcase their talent and versatility in the MakerSpace through a live project build. “James and Bryan bring a fun and entertaining project to The Claremont MakerSpace through their home arcade business,” said Brendan Dangelo, director of education and workforce development at the MakerSpace. “As many of us have been spending so much more time at home over the past year, we can attest to the need for new ways to keep occupied. What better way than having your very own pinball or arcade set up?”



Making new opportunities

Valley Parents – February 11, 2021

CLAREMONT — When the Claremont MakerSpace was looking for online instructors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jacqueline Labate answered the call. The Topsham, Vt., resident offered to teach math classes to children ages 8-12. If it wasn’t for the pandemic and the necessity for remote learning, the distance would have made it impossible for her to do so.

With a background in high school math, mathematics consulting and running a nonprofit organization, Labate sought to teach the answer to the proverbial adolescent question, “When am I going to use this in real life?”…


Center of Innovation in New Hampshire

Business Facilities Magazine – July 15, 2020

Innovation and a creative spirit are alive and well in this thriving New England mill town. Claremont, NH, nestled along the banks of the Connecticut and Sugar Rivers in the Connecticut River Valley between the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, is full of forward-thinking manufacturers and creative entrepreneurs. While the end-product has changed over the years, Claremont continues to be the center of creativity for professionals of all ages. The most recent example of this is the opening of the Claremont MakerSpace…



Two Claremont organizations get grant money

Valley News – Friday, July 26, 2019

WEST LEBANON — Several agencies on the New Hampshire side of the Upper Valley are among the groups that will receive grants from the Northern Border Regional Commission, Granite State lawmakers announced on Friday.

A total of 14 recipients were awarded money from a $3.77 million pot from the NBRC, according to a news release.

Twin State Maker Space in Claremont was awarded $164,800 toward installing rooftop solar power atop its building. Savings on energy costs will go toward education and workforce development programming to help benefit the community, the release states…

NH receives $3M for economic development

New Hampshire Business Review – July 31, 2019

The Northern Border Regional Commission has awarded New Hampshire more than $3.7 million in federal grants for 14 projects geared toward community restoration and development.

TwinState MakerSpaces: $164,800 to install a rooftop solar power generator at Claremont MakerSpace in Claremont. …

Sculptures of people, both abstract and real


Eagle Times – May 25, 2019

CLAREMONT — “FlatmenSquared” is a series of sculptures Ernest Montenegro has been working on. Artist-in-Residence at Claremont’s Makerspace for the months of April and May, Montenegro has been expanding one of his Flatmen pieces in a new material.


Kuster touches on workforce development

Eagle Times – April 16, 2019

CLAREMONT – Rep. Anne Kuster spent Monday in Claremont… At Red River Technology in Claremont, she spoke with senior Red River staff and the Claremont Makerspace about best practices and initiatives in workforce development…

Building knowledge for sustainable living in Claremont

Eagle Times – April 7, 2019

CLAREMONT — A series of lectures was held on Saturday at the Claremont Makerspace called “Sustainability and the art of living well.” The event was organized by artist Allison Zito, who like a lot of nervous partygoers, thought perhaps no one would show up. In fact, about 30 people of all ages turned up. Chairs from all over the makerspace had to be dragged into the large computer lab where the speakers gave their presentations….


Regional program is key to helping rural communities – March 11, 2019
By Jeanne Shaheen and Ann Kuster
The Northern Border Regional Commission is an important partnership between New Hampshire and the federal government. The NBRC provides opportunities to Granite State startups, projects and programs, helping economically distressed areas of New Hampshire that otherwise wouldn’t have access to the investments they need.
The economic opportunities available through the NBRC cast a wide net, which makes this program an excellent asset for our cities and towns. One of the best examples of this is the Claremont MakerSpace, which was awarded $250,000 in 2015 to get the project off the ground, renovating an old manufacturing building to house a shared work space for Granite State craftsmen and entrepreneurs. Director of the Claremont MakerSpace Josh Bushueff said: “The support of NBRC was instrumental in our successful conversion of a former brownfield site into the Claremont MakerSpace, an 11,000-square-foot facility that is now the hub of education, entrepreneurship and job skills training in downtown Claremont.”

Uplifting art at the Claremont Makerspace

Eagle Times – March 10, 2019

CLAREMONT — “I’d rather have beauty than sadness,” said Alison Zito. Zito, an artist in residence at the Claremont Makerspace, has created “Sacred Thresholds” marrying two visual symbols: arches and snowflakes.

Her first arch is built over the wide brick entry leading into the Makerspace lobby. This arch emulates the niches built over the doorways in Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

“There’s just something about the shape of them that really appealed to me,” she said. “Just inside them you often find a female entity called a divada, and I didn’t want to do a female entity, but I did want to do something to stand in it. Divadas are a symbol of energy and light, and a doorway to the infinite. …


Newport’s Cole-Tac is finding their niche (market)

Valley News – Feb 11, 2019

NEWPORT — What started as a hobby in the Colemans’ spare bedroom has grown into a business. Cole-Tac now occupies a warehouse on Unity Springs Road. They have four full-time employees, and they’re looking for more…

Out & About: Claremont MakerSpace hosts 3D printing club

Valley News – Feb 11, 2019

CLAREMONT — Auto parts. Furniture. Shoes. Prosthetic limbs. Aircraft components. These are just a few of the items manufactured with 3D printing, a process that creates three-dimensional objects by squirting out molten material, bit by bit.

Like many other technologies, 3D printing has become cheaper and more accessible over time. These days anyone can buy a good desktop 3D printer for less than $500, and — with the help of free software — design and print hundreds of 3D objects, such as planters, vases, kitchen gadgets, tools and phone cases….

Makers series: Christy Stocker, her bacon soap, and maple shelves

Eagle Times – Jan 16, 2019

CLAREMONT — One thing leads to another at the Claremont Makerspace — that’s the big idea. Although there are dozens of makerspaces in cities and towns in New England, the Claremont one was designed to bring creative people of all different persuasions together to inspire and help each other. …


Claremont Makerspace: a center of innovation for creators

Eagle Times – November 17, 2018

On July 6, the Claremont Makerspace (CMS) celebrated its grand opening and the community officially embraced it as a center of innovation in the downtown district. Since that time, CMS has acquired additional state-of-the-art equipment, launched new programming, and created strategic relationships. As a result, it has become the place where men and women of all ages, both in and outside of Claremont, go to create.

Building upon Claremont’s legacy of manufacturing, CMS is located in a renovated mill building. It’s “saw tooth” roof with rows of windows provides ample natural light during daylight hours. This creates the perfect environment for metal and woodworking, jewelry making, quilting/sewing, lazer cutting, and computer/software design. If members want to learn another form of creative art, they work with other members and the CMS team to explore the possibility. It is a place of creativity with few limitations. …


Business Facilities Magazine – August 27, 2018

Innovation and a creative spirit are alive and well in this thriving New England mill town. Claremont, New Hampshire, nestled along in the Connecticut River Valley between the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, is a bustling mill town full forward-thinking manufacturers and creative entrepreneurs. While the end-product has changed over the years, Claremont continues to be the center of creativity for professionals of all ages. The most recent example of this is the opening of the Claremont MakerSpace …

Big Crowd for MakerSpace Opening in Claremont

NHPR – July 9, 2018

The Claremont MakerSpace celebrated its grand opening Friday.

Sen. Maggie Hassan and Rep. Annie Kuster were in attendance for the ribbon cutting,  accomplished by laser cutter, rather than a traditional set of shears.

The project, which received both federal and state funds, has been in the works for years.  It’s an important keystone in efforts to revitalize the city, Kuster said.

“There’s a history in Claremont, and in this whole region, of making things,” she said. “And now that energy’s back and it’s very exciting.”

The MakerSpace is expansive, occupying an old brick building downtown.  It offers tools, classes and studio space for woodworking, metalworking, and fiber and digital arts.

Opening ceremony for Makerspace draws a senator, a congresswoman, and some makers

Eagle Times – July 7, 2018

CLAREMONT – The Claremont Makerspace formally opened Friday with a new twist on ribbon-cutting.

“I’ve been at a ribbon cutting where they used a plasma cutter,” said Sen. Maggie Hassan. “This is the first one where they’ve used a laser.” …

Twin State MakerSpaces Opens in Claremont NH

WNTK – July 7, 2018

Claremont, NH – On Friday Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) joined Senator Maggie Hassan, Claremont city officials, and TwinState MakerSpaces leadership for the grand opening of the TwinState MakerSpace in Claremont, located at the Sawtooth Building…

Business courses encourage local economic development

Eagle Times – May 31, 2018

CLAREMONT — On Tuesday, May 29, six entrepreneurs in varying stages of planning and development took part in a free business-branding class given by the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE) New Hampshire in the Claremont MakerSpace. This was the first class given in the MakerSpace’s newly-completed computer lab.

The group included crafters, a local photographer, a woman looking to open a health facility, an independent engineering contractor, and a Vermont tour guide. They traveled from within Claremont and from as far away as Deering, New Hampshire and Sturbridge, Vermont to take the course. …

How’s business in the Upper Valley?

New Hampshire Business Review – February 16, 2018

“We’re really looking forward to our makerspace, which is going to open shortly. It’s an opportunity to hit a lot of those issues. It’s 11,000 square feet, with CNC machines, welding machines, 3D printers, woodworking, and a lot of arts-centered stuff. There’s a lot of interest from local employers because they see this opportunity for people to actually experiment with some of these things, but there’s also an entrepreneurial network that’s going to be coming into that center as well to work with people as they test out an opportunity or a new business”. …



Valley News – October 22, 2017

Claremont — Barely an hour into the open house on Saturday, more than a dozen visitors to the new Claremont MakerSpace had posted sticky-notes on a wall of the former Sawtooth Mill under a handwritten sign reading, “What will you make?”

“Guitars!” answered one prospective member of the cooperative aimed at hobbyists, entrepreneurs, artisans and do-it-yourselfers.

“Food truck,” another pledged, next to one reading “Learn to weld.”

“Quilts” and “Quilting!” read two more.

And these: “Birdhouses and such …,” “Keyboards (for computers),” “Smoker,” “Ceramics,” “Clay work,” “Classes on everything!”…


Claremont Hopeful MakerSpace Will Revive Struggling Downtown

Concord Monitor – August 18, 2017
In recent years, plenty of New England cities have renovated empty industrial buildings to boost their downtowns, filling them with apartments, offices, restaurants or art studios. Now it’s Claremont’s turn, with a twist…



Making a Movement

Eagle Times – August 15, 2017

CLAREMONT — When TwinState MakerSpaces President Steve Goldsmith placed his $18.42 bid for the Sawtooth Mill, he had new life in mind for downtown Claremont. Now, with work underway at the future site of the Claremont MakerSpace, the resurrection of the city’s maker movement seems more promising than ever.

With no ground to break in the former mill building at 46 Main St., the MakerSpace held a ground-”making” event on Monday on the rugged gravel covering the interior. City and state officials and local makers came out for event…

Claremont MakerSpace Picks Up the Pace


Valley News – August 13, 2017

Claremont — The next phase of the redevelopment of Claremont MakerSpace in the former Sawtooth mill building on Main Street has begun.

The building’s owner and developer, TwinState MakerSpaces of Lebanon, began work earlier this summer and is anticipating completing renovations before the end of the year.

Steven Goldsmith, president and co-founder of MakerSpaces with Jeremy Katz, explained on Friday the work that has been done and what the next phase will entail…


Claremont MakerSpace to Begin Sawtooth Renovations

Valley News – March 26, 2017

Claremont — Interior renovations to the Claremont MakerSpace property at 46 Main St. are expected to begin next month and be finished by late summer, one of the nonprofit’s co-founders said last week.

“We have our building permits and now we have to schedule construction,” said Jeremy Katz, who founded MakerSpace with Steve Goldsmith. “Hopefully we can begin in April.”

The building, commonly called the Sawtooth because of a roof design that allows in natural light, is roughly 11,000 square feet and two stories tall. There is no floor separating the stories, so the interior is open to the roof and the equipment and work studios will be on one floor….



Windsor Museum To Feature Engineering Show

Valley News – October 15, 2016

Windsor, V.T. — From a miniature replica of a steam power plant to pinball machines to a robotic penguin, the American Precision Museum’s Model Engineering Show and Maker Space aims to give visitors a feel for technology spanning two centuries.


The Family Maker Space, set up at the recreation center, will feature cardboard pinball machines to play with, design and decorate; 3D printing; hands-on solar power demonstrations, and other activities hosted by organizations including Twin State Makerspaces ….



“MakerSpace” coming to Claremont

WCAX – October 15, 2016

CLAREMONT, N.H. – There will soon be a new space to make stuff in Claremont New Hampshire.

Congresswoman Annie Kuster toured the “MakerSpace” building Friday which is an old manufacturing mill on Main Street from the early 1900’s. For a monthly fee community members will be able to rent space in the 10,000 square foot building to make anything from jewelry to 3D design…

TwinState MakerSpaces receives $360K in tax credit

Eagle Times-Aug 17, 2016

CLAREMONT — TwinState MakerSpaces, a Lebanon-based nonprofit that will be constructing the Claremont MakerSpace at 46 Main St., was one of 17 New Hampshire nonprofit organizations to receive a portion of $5.325 million in tax credits from the state Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) on Tuesday, Aug. 16…


MakerSpace takes over old Claremont mill

The Union LeaderAug 09, 2016
CLAREMONT — TwinState MakerSpace has acquired the old Sawtooth Mill building in the heart of downtown Claremont from the city, with plans to convert the long-unused mill building into a makerspace…

Sawtooth Side-Small


TwinState MakerSpaces Buys Sawtooth Building

Valley News-Aug 07, 2016
Claremont — The city has finalized the sale of the former Sawtooth building on Main Street to TwinState MakerSpaces, Planning and Development Director Nancy Merrill said Friday. …

Eagle Times-Aug 07, 2016
CLAREMONT — The Claremont MakerSpace, is one step closer to becoming a reality after the company responsible for its construction purchased the structure known as the “Sawtooth Building” at 44-46 Main St. earlier this week…



MakerSpace comes to Claremont

The Union LeaderOct 25, 2015
CLAREMONT — The Claremont MakerSpace is on track to open this spring, after a major renovation of the old Sawtooth Mill building that sits in the heart of downtown …


Claremont — A $250,000 grant for TwinState MakerSpace Inc. will help jump start plans to renovate the Sawtooth building on Main Street.

Valley NewsSep 7, 2015
Claremont — A $250,000 grant for TwinState MakerSpace Inc. will help jump start plans to renovate the Sawtooth building on Main Street …

Kuster Congratulates TwinState MakerSpace on Receiving Grant During Tour in Claremont




Rock and a Hard Place: The Claremont MakerSpace

stayworkplay NEW HAMPSHIRE

This is the fourth article in a series dealing with expanding arts and cultural offerings in Claremont, New Hampshire. We’re trying to unpack how a community can approach expanding these amenities to attract young people without putting pressure on existing residents.

For this article, I’m speaking with Josh Bushueff, the Assistant Director of the Claremont MakerSpace. The Claremont MakerSpace is a different model than the WCCMA. The Makers are largely coming in from towns in the broader region (Lebanon, Sunapee), and will likely have more funding off the bat. Our questions for Josh will circle on what they plan to do to gain traction here in the City and to keep their community open to as many people as possible.

The Claremont MakerSpace is being developed by TwinState MakerSpaces, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established in 2014. TSMS was founded by technologists, artists, educators, tradesmen and lovers of New England with the goal of enriching our communities through collaboration and creativity.

The Claremont MakerSpace will help anchor the economic and cultural revitalization of Claremont, New Hampshire. We are inspired by the Maker Movement that has taken hold nationwide as a vehicle for enhancing entrepreneurship, job development, community development, science and the arts.

We know that Claremont has a history of Making – we’re excited to build on that tradition.