Topics in Crypto & Iron Pour – Tomorrow!


Next Tuesday, join the discussion on Crypto. Topics in Crypto continues the conversation CMS hosted last month, on crypto-coins, blockchain and technology. If you missed the last meetup, do not worry – novices are encouraged and so are your questions. This event is free and hosted by Ryan Munn of Topics in Crypto will run from 6 – 8 PM at CMS on Tuesday, May 7th. Please register, if you are planning on attending.

Other Upcoming Events

Iron Pour

Create your own piece of metal art!  Scratch and carve your design into hardened sand blocks and watch as they are filled with molten iron.  The Iron Guild will be hosting an iron pour demonstration on Saturday, May 4th from 10-4 at the Visitor Center Green in Claremont, NH.

For $10 to $20, participants may purchase a sand mold to carve a personal design and take home a cast iron tile. (Tools will be provided.)  A limited number of approximately 200 tiles will be available for purchase. Get your designs scratched by 1pm when the molten iron starts flowing!  This Family Friendly event welcomes all ages to observe the iron pour or cast a piece of their own.

Battle of the Sumo Bots!

Saturday, May 11th, 10 AM – 1:30 PM

Let the games begin!   

Join us as we build and program a SumoBot! These Sumo Bots need to be able to move on their own around a circular area and to push their opponents out of the ring. There are competition limitations (such as size) that require you to carefully think through the design and construction of their robots. Beginners and newbies will have a great time just building the kit and learning how each piece, from bolt to program, works together the bring the robot to life. More advanced builders are challenged to modify their kit to create more sophisticated and capable bots.

We’ll have a friendly competition running throughout. The goal is to have a group of people with robots go and represent the Claremont Makerspace at the MakeIt Fest in Nashua on June 8. Check out what a Sumo Bot competition is here.

All skill levels and ages are welcome (under 14 requires an adult partner – working on one single robot). You have the option of buying your robot at the end of the class ($30) or leaving it behind. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop to participate in the class.

News From the Woodshop:

Our woodshop is our busiest department at CMS, between our large selection of tools and variety of projects being completed in the space, a lot is happening. We are currently looking for an experienced woodworker to become an additional volunteer Woodshop lead to help train, support and certify members on tools. Shop leads share their knowledge with members and also get a free membership to CMS! Please email us at if you are interested in learning more!

Interested in Access to CMS For You & Your Coworkers?

The Claremont MakerSpace Corporate Usage Account (CUA) program is a great way to offer a unique benefit to a businesses employees’, while investing in the development of their creative and professional skills. It’s a simple and flexible program that lets employees of CUA businesses get a substantial discount on CMS Membership and classes. To learn more, please email

See below for more upcoming classes!

Upcoming Classes

Follow the links for more information

Topics in Crypto 5/7, 6 – 8 PM

Bead Rolling 101 5/11, 2 – 3:30 PM

Battle of the Sumo Bots!, 5/11 10 AM – 1:30 PM (Just added!)

Intro to CNC Routing  5/14, 6 – 9 PM

Laser 101 (Laser Cutter Training) 5/16, 6 – 8 PM

Open House, 5/17 6 – 8 PM

The Lightness of Painting, 5/20, 6 – 8 PM

Want to be a Marketing Maven? Add Video to the Mix! 6/12, 6 – 8 PM

We’ve got even more classes/events on the calendar, so check out the full line up HERE.

Interested in teaching a class at CMS? We recently updated our site with information on how you can share your skills at CMS.

Questions about upcoming classes, events or the Claremont MakerSpace in general? Let us know at

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